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"Battle of shadows" "Battle of shadows" detail. "Battle of shadows" detail. "Battle of shadows" detail. "Battle of shadows" detail.

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New art.

Hey guys. Some new art for you. Big one. Spent a month doing it. Tired. You can see it in Game Industry Section

Hope you'll like it.



Hey guys. So here it is, the first ASOIAF art I did in years (since 2008 to be exact). I did this picture exclusively for WINTER IS COMING art show, hosted by LTD Art Gallery (Seattle). You can see the picture here. And you can buy it here. Anyway, hope you'll like it.


A LOT of new art!

Hey guys. In case you're wondering what I was doing all these years, here's the answer: since 2008 I'm working in game development industry. So I've decided to show you some art I did for these past few years. You can see it all in the new section on this site called Game Industry

Hope you'll like it. Also please note that you can find more (much more) art on the Russian version of the site, here for example.

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